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We started Ties For Men in 2000. We are Larry and Michelle, owners. One day in 2000 Larry bought unbeknownst to me a gigantic box of ties through a wholesale site. SURPRISE! "Here's your new job Michelle". I was a stay at home mom. So in those days we went straight to ebay and listed them. 7 days later the only ties that sold were the novelty ties, luckily it was half novelty in that box. The other half was dress ties and we didn't sell a one! You should have seen how bad our pictures were in those days! We have learned a lot and still learning.

Since that day it has been my full-time job and since 2006 its been Larry's full-time job too. We have spent a great deal of time over the years searching for and cultivating relationships with suppliers.

We have lived in the U.P. of Michigan for the last few years, but our hearts will always belong to the southwest.

You can always contact us through email Use the contact us page. We are the only 2 on staff so if its the middle of the night we will get to it as soon as we get started in the morning.

We would love if you checked us out on on Instagram & Follow on Twitter and followed us. We are just getting started on social media but we will be running special sales for just our followers on there.



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